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Our Top Projects

Keanetech LLC is a research-based and consulting company as well as it develops prototype materials to transition basic scientific research carried out at UIUC into useful commercial technologies and products.

Semiconductor Ceramics
Li-Ion Batteries
New-Gen Ceramics

We are ready to accept any challenge will tend to innovation in materials science and cut edge technology

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Keanetech has already completed several research projects including nano ceramics, high-tech ceramics, geopolymers, and Li-ion batteries. We are up to find new horizons in science to promote new generations of ecofriendly materials.


Construction Materials

Geopolymers as an inorganic polymer have various applications such as fire-resistant walls and underwater turbines. GPs are also a proper substitute for cement to provide geopolymer concrete. One step forward, we are trying to produce sustainable construction materials by using waste materials as precursor for geopolymer. We believe that the geopolymer could be assessed as component of circular economy.


Agricultural Supplements

Keanetech seed treatment provides more productivity and sustainability and thus must be considered as an alternative to deal with the possible worldwide future food crisis. On top of setting up a production line for Gelizer, Keanetech is going to set up an additional production line to provide treated seeds into the market. The main objective to market Gelizer in the form of individual products or treated seeds is to boost the quantity of produced crops by up to 30%.

Ongoing and Upcoming Projects

Keanetech has already carried out several research-based projects for various applications. Almost all of the projects are in prototype TRL scale and we are about to be a producer. Keanetech has a proper potential to receive any materials science challenge and response them with the optimum solution.

New Generation Li-Ion Batteries
Inorganic PVA Nanofiber
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Gelizer Seed Booster
Fire Resistance Geopolymer Wall

Geopolymer Eco-Building Airport

GP for Molten Salt Containment (TES)

An example of our completed projects

Keanetech LLC is a company that specializes in transitioning basic scientific research conducted at UIUC into useful commercial products. Their patented technology is capable of producing high-tech ceramics, geopolymers, agricultural supplements, and revalorizing materials from waste.


Keanetech Gelizer Seed Booster


Geopolymer for Runway Repairment


High Temperature Geopolymer